​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cindy Sue Catering 

The Best CAtering in arlington, TX:  Imagine tHE flavor

Consider the combination of flavor from fresh sliced black forest ham and sharp cheddar cheese bundled on a fresh New York onion bagel.  Have some Cowboy beans with rotel tomatoes with just enough cayenne pepper to make you think your on a camp out and want to scream Yee-Haw!  How about a meat sauce on your Lasagna or Spaghetti with the right amount of Italian sausage and spices to make your taste buds jump out of your mouth.  Take a bite of potato salad and enjoy the contrast between the soft red/new potatoes mixed with crunchy fresh celery and bell pepper.  Our Guacamole with fresh diced tomatoes and spices will give your palette a zing and will neither run off onto your shirt nor break your chip.  The grilled chicken breast we prepare for Fajitas or Fettuccine Alfredo is moist and juicy and we have our own tried and tested marinade with fresh natural ingredients that isn't over salted and the tenderness and flavor will melt in your mouth.

This is the level of detail and care that Cindy Sue puts into our food science in order to ensure that our clients receive the best possible flavor and service.


Cindy Sue Catering has had the honor of being trusted to provide catering services to many prominent firms in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington area.  If you have to arrange for food catering for an Executive meeting, client meeting, training session, Christmas party, or other employee events, you can be assured that you will receive fresh quality food on time and as promised.  We do accommodate special dietary needs and we never ever charge a delivery fee.  Since one never gets a second chance to make a great first impression, you can be assured that our food presentation will be professional, appealing and we will make sure that your catered event is a success.


There are many events in our lives are very special and memorable.  As we all travel down life's road we all have family birthdays , graduation parties for our kids, anniversaries, family reunions, and even the celebration of one's life.  These occasions are dear to us as well and must be perfect.  Cindy Sue will make sure that you have the perfect event.

Wedding Receptions Catering


There is nothing more sacred and special than the joining of two peoples lives in matrimony.  It is an exciting time with much to do and a lot of worry to make sure everything is perfect for this special day.  You need not worry for Cindy Sue will take care of you.  We specialize in planning and catering wedding receptions and will make sure you have the ultimate food with perfect presentation for your special day.